Admission Requirements and Expenses

This explains the proposal of Asuto with Chikyujin's Japan Study Abroad Program, the qualifications and costs in studying abroad.

Admission Requirements

  • Age : 18years old and Above
  • Educational Attainment : Undergone twelve(12) years of study
  • Family Members could support financially

Expenses for Study Abroad 

Detailed of the expenses are:

  • Expenses for the Japanese School
    • Application Fee
    • Admission Fee
    • Tuition Fee

  • Other Expenses
    • Passport and Application related Expenses
    • Visa Application Related Expenses
    • Airline Ticket
    • Dorm and Accomodation Related Expenses
    • Participation Fee for CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad Program

The tuition fee and admission fee differs a little depending on your desired school.
For accuracy of the fees,please allow Asuto to confer directly to the school.