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This web page introduces, the function of Chikkyujin Japan Studies Program being an affiliated company of Asuto and belongs to the Arix Group of Company.

Right after the students arrived in Japan,the support gets started in their studies,daily life guidance,part-time job,job-hunting,and in their advancement of their studies.

Arix GroupArix Group

Chikkyujin Studies Program is managed by Arix group and it also belongs to the international recruiting business.Arix group has capital fund of 147,000,000 yen with one hundred thirty(130) employees.

Arix Group has:

  • Food Industries'Recruitment and Dispatching Agency
  • Ai Delica's Food Manufacturing Outsourcing
  • Cere Create Care-giving and Welfare Recruitment and Dispatching Agency
  • Arix World Manpower Corporation's International Recruitment Agency

It has four(4)companies wherein each one specializes in their respective service.

Arix Group's Tokyo Head Office

Arix Group's Head Office

Postal Code:101-0021
Sotokanda 4-5-4,Kisho Bldg.8F

Arix group plays an important role which specializes in foods and care services,it has also the several human resources recruitment agencies with the intention for its development as the main task of the company's core responsibility.

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