Asuka Gakuin

Asuka Gakuin

Zip Code 231-0066
1-36 Hinodecho,Naka-ku,Yokohama-shi,Kanagawa-ken,Japan

Historically,Asuka Gakuin was established since 1986,having the great teachers equipped with their astounding ability.


The school also could accomodate six hundred students(600) with its great dormitory where by you could commute either by foot or by bicycle headed towards your school.

Asuka Gakuin is located at the center area of the Port City of Yokohama,near Tokyo.It is a short walk to China Town.Surely,you could be assured of its great security in the area.

Yokohama is a city which is suitable for the daily life due to its living cost is lower than Tokyo,just like its rental.

The foreigners learning in Asuka Gakuin,provides condusive and a peaceful environment.It also provides the students an environment which would bring out the significant meaning in their stay and in the journey for learning.

All the faculty members are so enthusiastic and very supportive to their students' study and in other aspects as well:job-hunting,learning and joyfully acquiring the suitable jobs and part-time.

Asuka Gakuin and Its Sorrounding Environment

Yokohama is a convenient place,good for the daily life and for worksite.

Yokohama China Town Minato Mirai Area

It is sufficient enough to joyfully buy the stuffs that you need for your daily life which the prices of commodities are resonable,likewise,if you take for shopping and recreational destination,it is joyousfully could be the suitable place for you to explore...!

There are numerous facilities such as:seaparks,zoos,aquariums,and Tokyo Disneyland which you could joyfully take your view in a day.This is also a place whereby lived by foreigners and local residents.

Maria Luisa Miyao (Authorized Representative of ASUTO)

Warm greetings,to everyone!

It is indeed my great pleasure to be chosen to be the authorized representative of the two schools:Asuka Gakuin and Toyo Language Institute;allowing myself
to share with you of both of the sterling characteristics which I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Please allow me to share about my educational background being the educator of both public and private schools.I was a graduate of Silliman University,
took my masteral at De La Salle University,Taft,Metro Manila and am presently pursuing my law studies.

Asuka Gakuin's Sterling Charactersitics

It is in my humblest sharings which I would like you, not; to consider it as a sales talk.
One of the striking characeristics that I admire most is that the Head of the registrar's
office,Park Teacher including all the staffs of the said school emphatically takes care
of each of the student; as each one journeys with the school,his learning,immersing the culture and in his daily life and part-time job and for his career path.

Living in Japan,for the first time;would come up with lots of anxiety due to several things that you do not know,whom you could depend on and whom to count on when you are in need.

"CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad Program" is the working- arm of ASUTO Japanese language Consultancy,Co.which is in Japan that would fully support of the students who have just boarded in the country,that will help and assist in their part-time informations,career path for your job-hunting support after graduation.This is a program designed for the foreign-students' for their support.So,please consult freely and do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it.

Surely,the CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad Program program has the staffs to address your concern emphatically even after you graduated,so you need not worry,please do not hesitate to consult your need.

I sincerely pray for your life in Asuka Gakuin, being the foreign-student to have fruitful and meaningful life.

Maria Luisa Teves-Miyao,authorized representative of : ASUTO Japanese Language Consultancy Services,Co.

Headmaster,Yamabe,Masanori and His Philosophy


Historically,Asuka Gakuin was established since 1986,having the great teachers equipped with their astounding ability.

It was the road to Ancient Asuka,a road from Korean Peninsula as well as the Ancient East Asian Continent.It was a path that brought forth : iron road,farming,religion which then led to the culture of Silk.

Now the direction towards the 21st century,it is now headed towards the ASEAN economic integration which is towards the path for the Asuka Gakuin school to nurture to that end.

The 21st century is the age of human resources development(AREEC) resources development,geared towards the realiztion of technology and economics for the Asian Community.

This road links to other European linkages which in turn will lead to the Pacific Rim.

It is my earnest hope that the students of Asuka Gakuin would learn not only of the Japanese language but beyond what we could provide and share about the best aspects of the Japanese cultre and the aesthestic side of Japan.

Thereafter,everyone whom we do nurtured in our school will speak of the beauty in both of our culture as a country itself at thesame time a tool for enlightenment for others.

How to Inquire in Asuka Gakuin?

For now,in behalf of our school,Asuto Japanese Consultancy Services,Co.conducts free consultation.Please do not hesitate to keep in touch with us.

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