What is ASUTO?



I am the Directress of Asuto.
I am the authorized person who manages Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy Services,Co. as its company's name. 

Mainly ,the responsibility of Asuto processes the Filipinos'needs on how to study in Japan and coordinates to the General Incorporated Foundation,CHIKYUJIN ,Akihabara,Tokyo,Japan to efficiently be provided with the support during their study period in Japan.

In the Philippines,

  • Japanese language guidance for 150 hours(150).
  • finds the suitable Japanese school.
  • processes your needed documents in your school admission in Japan.
  • acquire the certificate of eligibility for your student visa
  • Japanese language school admission procedure
  • Student visa 's guidance

Consult,confer,and advise you properly from school admission until you depart safely from the Philippines for school cultural guidance.


ASUTO's proposal on "The study in Japan Program"

May I know of your purpose of study in Japan?

  • For Polishing your skill
  • For your interest in the Japanese daily living and culture
  • For admission :University and to the Japanese vocational schools
  • For liking the Japanese animation
  • For liking the Japanese Cuisine
  • Having Japanese Friends

Several of the reasons that are mentioned.Basically,one of the skill is to possess it.The Japanese language acquisition as well as the clear purpose in mind are vital considerations.

For Job-hunting and Business Start-up!


ASUTO does not only aspire for you to have the higher Japanese language skill,to be admitted in the Japanese universities as well as in the vocational schools,but to have it to be your benchmark credential in: work site and start-up business.

ASUTO aspires for you to have that benchmark credential in a transforming labor force and hope to be actively engaged in the international activities using it as your skill. ASUTO and CHIKYUJIN General Incorporated Foreign Student Support Organization will support you in having the acquired Japanese language skill and have the benchmark credential in Japan and Overseas work sites .Making a difference in business start-up!

We sincerely pray as you journey !

Support of Both Countries:Philippines and Japan

The Philippines managed by ASUTO is an authorized representative which introduces the suitable school for the Filipino students,ASUTO provides the services that processes your admission in the Japanese school that you desire , until you will safely depart from the Philippines .We provide the consultation of the client which is basically the system that we support.


ASUTO introduces the Japan Overseas Study Program of Japan's CHIKYUJIN ,General Incorporated Foreign Service Organization.These two provides the support for your educational journey.

The possible problems that may occur during your study in Japan such as daily life's support,school related concerns,coordinating with your part-time jobs to subsidize your needs during your study period.This is the integrated support that is provided after your graduation ,job-hunting support,guidance in your advance study and for your business start-up.

Free Consultation

Asuto is now addressing your concerns in relation to your foreign-studies in Japan.
We would be happy to be of help to you.

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