Flow Chart

I will explain the flow for you,as an applicant,guidance to the application form,obtaining the visa until to your entry to Japan.
By the time,you decided to study in Japan until you enter into the said country,there would be various procedures that are needed which would take also of the time.

Welcome to Japan

Surely,you've got ideas that would pop-up in your minds while processing your visa,probably...you might think of"would I be able to obtain my visa?"

"would I really be able to go to Japan?"
...which might add up to your anxieties...!

Having the drive and having the positive thoughts,inspite of how many kilometers away,which is where you are headed to your destination,worry becomes less;because there is already a mark in which you are certain to where you will be headed to...!

So,I decided to write the sequence of the procedures from the foreign-studies' application,acquiring your certificate of eligibility,and of your entry to Japan.

But,still if you do have worries or any clarrifications,please do not hesitate to do so.

Steps until to the entry to Japan

Actually,there are eleven(11) steps,but;what you need to do only is until to the six(6) steps.
Asuto will carefully and cautiously assist you in each of the step, until to your entry to Japan,let us work it together...!

Step 1: Filling-up of the Application Forms


The application forms that are needed will be filled-up by the applicant and please hand-in or submit it to Asuto.

Step 2: Submission of the Documents


Asuto will submit your documents to the Japanese school of your choice.

Step 3: Submission of the Documents to the Bureau of Immigration


The documents which you filled-up and handed-in the needed documents to Asuto will then be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration.

Step 4: Announcement of the Result of your Application


Asuto will announce and inform you of the result of your application from the Bureau of Immigratio with regard to your Certificate of Eligibility either the result: Approved or Denied

Step 5: Sending a Copy of your COE thru Attachment


If your application has been approved ,that would mean that you were able to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility(COE),the Japanese school will send you through your email of the photocopied COE.

Step 6: Sending Your Tuition Fees


Upon you received your photocopied COE,there is also the instructed Japanese bank where you will be asked to send your payment of your tuition fees which you will be sending from any Philippine bank which Asuto will assist you for your easy remittance.

Step 7: Sending of the Original Copy of the CEO


After the payment of the school's tuition fee is made,a call is made for you to be informed that your payment is received,Asuto will send the original copy of the COE to the indicated address that you told us after conferring with you.

Step 8: Reservation of Flight Ticket(One-way)

Reservation of Flight Ticket

Asuto will advise you to make reservation of your flight ticket for one(1) way,you need not make your payment yet,just reserved.

Step 9: Visa Application

Visa Application

Asuto will assist you to confirm your form for visa application before you submit it to the affiliated travel agency together it with the original copy of COE attached with it,passport,and birth certificate or marriage certificate.In the Philippines,you could not submit your visa application directly to the Japanese Embassy,Asuto will advise you of the affiliated travel agency as prescribed by the said office.

Step 10: Payment of the Ticket

Payment of the Ticket

Upon the release of your visa,you need to pay your flight ticket.

Step 11: Arrival and Welcoming in the Airport

Arrival and Welcoming in the Airport

The staff from Japanese Chikyujin of the Foreign-Studies Program will wait for you in the arrival area of the airport.After which,departure preparation is done,there goes to the school's amenities and facilities.

Asuto's Overall Assistance

That is all from the student applicant until to the entry to Japan as a sequence.It seems that it is difficult,though;among those steps,what you need to do is actually step one(1).Let us work hand-in hand with Asuto,let us do it together!