Job-hunting support

Asuto introduces Chikyujin Japan Study Abroad Program in which it provides the job-hunting support after you graduated from your Japanese study in Japan.

Chikyujin Japan Study Abroad Program is an affiliate of Arix group of company which dispatches human resources to the following: Manufacturing Food Company, Care-giving and nursing related jobs.

job-hunting support

The labor force is Japan becomes serious due to the low birth rate and the aging population.
Recently,there are several companies which the request increases for the high demand of workers.

job-hunting support

Arix group of company for over the years has shown the sufficient experience and has shown the great image of the track record of dispatching workers to several companies.Thus,after your graduation,the said company assures you of the great support in your job-hunting activities.

Also,CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad Program which is established and created for the Chikyujin community members who could avail and could participate because of its affiliation with Arix group of company.

This membership in the CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad Program,your strong base support in your continous study,more so with your job search that is surely provided.


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