Part-time Job-hunting support

This page explains the part-time 's rules and regulations that you need to pay attention to.

Inorder to be allowed by the Japanese government for the part-time jobs,the foreign-students have to obtain the work-permit,after doing so,you could do the part-time jobs.

Part-time Job-hunting support

Part-time jobs do not only aid the foreign-students for their daily lives.

Also,this is the valuable opportunity to actually learn the Japanese customs that they learn in the school.

Part-time Job-hunting support

Several of the foreign-students, through the part-time jobs that they are engaging with could enhance their Japanese ability,why not try doing it as well because it will help you to keep the rules and regulations which is a part of learning the culture of Japan.

Part-time Job-hunting support

CHIKYUJIN FOREIGN-STUDENT Support Foundation assures a 100% Part-time Job!

The sent students from Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy,Services,Co.will assure you of the 100% job that will be assisted to be available for you while you are studying there.Chikyujin is an affiliate of Asuto,as the Japan's Study Program to cater the foreign-students'needs.

The Reason...

Asuto,having Chikyuin Japan Studies Program which belongs to Arix Group of Companies and an affiliate of Asuto has the temporary employment that is offered to the foreign-students ,which is in the food industry.The sent students from Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy Services could arrange their part-time jobs if they desire to explore in the food industry in making "pambaon"and lunch packs.Should they are not interested in this kind of part-time job,they may express their dislike and ask for other option.

part-time jobs

Momentarily,if you do not know yet of the Japanese language,the longest period where you could do your part-time is after sixty(60) days or within thirty(30) days at least.

Also,the better the Japanese language skill it becomes,you could have the options to choose your part-time jobs that would fit your interest.

Of course,even if you feel that your Japanese language skill has improved and you established self-confidence,surely you have more options for your choose of work.

Working Time and Wages

Foreign-students would be able to do the part-time jobs as long as you submit your application inorder to obtain the student work permit.

Certainly,how to apply for your work permit will be assisted and be guided by Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy,Services,Co.;please do not be anxious and no worries.

Part-time jobs for the students per week is twenty-eight hours(28),however;for holidays:Summer,Winter,and Autumn,students are allowed to do the part-time jobs for a total of forty-hours per week.

Part-time jobs standard wage is eight-hundred yen(800 yen) for the amount of four hundred pesos(P400.00) per hour.Of course,the part-time jobs wage would depend on the kind of work you are engaged with.

Incase of other consultancy agency,aside from Asuto,their services will be completed upon the visa has been delivered to you,but in Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy Services,your part-time jobs that you desire will be a part of the service to assist you,in other consultancy agency,you have to find the part-time job,job-hunting after your graduation as well,but as part of the Asuto's inclusive services:finding the part-time job as well as the assistance to be provided for your jobs after graduation ,of course,after conferring with you.

For now,due to the aging population of Japan,which becomes a serious condition.
Finding the part-time jobs is easy,you have all the options .Even,the Japanese
students,themselves,find so easy to find one for them.

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However,in the case of the Filipino foreign-students due to the language barrier,finding part-time jobs for them is difficult,but no need to worry,the Asuto Japanese language Consultancy Services,Co.'s sent students with the Chikyujin Overseas Studies program, an affiliate of Asuto will assure you of your part-time needs .

But, no worries,the foreign-students sent to Japan by Asuto through the Japanese Overseas Study Program will assure of 100% guarantee of the part-time jobs when you arrived in Japan for study,because this is an affiliate of Asuto to assist you during your stay in Japan while studying.

Simple Reminders in Your Part-time Jobs

In this page,it was previously mentioned,the allowed number of hours that the Bureau of Immigration does is twenty-eight hours(28) per week but during the holidays:summer,winter,and autumn,;forty hours per week is allowed,more than that,if you delivered services more than the prescribed number of hours during your part-time job,it might be difficult for you to extend your visa,should you intend to do so.

A simple reminder: Please reflect your reason of coming to Japan,your goal after graduation..continous education and your job-hunting goal,
is one of your goals that you should keep on...

Asuto strongly supports you,to realize your dreams..
Dream big and do not be swayed with the small amount of money that you earned for your part-time.

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