Warm greetings,to everyone!

Asuto Directress

It is indeed my great pleasure to be chosen to be the authorized representative of the two schools:Asuka Gakuin and Toyo Gengo Gakuin;allowing myself to share with you of both of the sterling characteristics which I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Please allow me to share about my educational background being the educator of both public and private schools.I was a graduate of Silliman University,took my masteral at De La Salle University,Taft,Metro Manila and am presently pursuing my law studies.

I always believe that "education should be the playground of the mind and not as a tortured chamber"which I will take my strong stance in walking along with these two educational entities.I would be more than willing to deal and engage to have this to be achieved realistically.

I feel and I truly understand of the Filipino students' life because I could really put myself in their shoes, being one of the Filipinos; who studied Japanese language in Nichibei,Kaiwa Gakuin,Yotsuya,Tokyo,Japan.

I believe that I could be a great tool and would be a great help for those who would like to spend by themselves financially to study the language because I was there ahead of them. I could be their partner to walk with them in the Japanese language acquisition and helping them in realizing their dreams!!!

I would consider this as a great opportunity to be the light in their academic pursuit and a guidance for their career and for their daily life skills that they need in their stay.

I am looking forward hearing and seeing you,soon!It would be my utmost sincere appreciation to be of help to you.

God bless,always!

Sincerely yours,

Maria Luisa Teves-Miyao