Required Documents

In this webpage,you many find the explanation on the necessary documents in studying abroad.It explains what are the needed documents that you and your guarantor should prepare,the expenses that would incur for the study.

Upon the initial assessment from Asuto,the staff would be carefully checking your documents one by one,which I would like you,not to worry about it.There would be an additional documents that would be submitted to Japan`s Bureau of Immigration upon its approval,though;it might be troublesome,but I would assure you that an Asuto staff would carefully guide one by one.

Several documents will be collated,time-consuming,and might be troublesome for you,but Asuto's staff would carefully examine and check each of your documents carefully.Be assured of its handling of your documents for confidentiality and accuracy.

Asuto Japanese Language,Consultancy Services provides free consultation.Should you have any concerns that might not be clear or either you may need clarrification,please do not hesitate to give us a call.We would be glad to be of help to you.

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Applicant's Needed Documents

Please fill-up the necessary informations carefully.Kindly affix your signature in all the required documents.

Application Form

The application forms would differ depending on the school that you chose.Asuto's staff will hand-in to you the desired form for your desired school.

Purpose of Study

Please express your reason of study clearly and concretely.Kindly make it sure that the whole sheet of the A-4 size of the paper would be filled-in.Asuto's staff will edit your composition before it will be submitted.

Though,the schools(Toyo Gengo School and Asuka Gakuin) have different forms.Please make it sure that you fill-in the desired school of your choice.


Five (5) photos with white background.Size:(4cmx3cm).Submit the most recent photos.

Certificate of Graduation

Applicant's diploma with the authenticated one.

Certificate of Employment

If you are presently employed,please provide us with it.If you are a regular employee,you may submit the certificate of employment,however;if not,you need not do so.

Income Tax Return

If the applicant,himself will pay for his tuition fee.

Driver's License

Driver's License if there is,if none,submit us with SSS ID.

Applicant's Passport

If with the passport,please submit photocopies including the stamped portion.

Checklist(required documents)

You may download the checklist for your reference.Please click it.


Required Documents for the Guarantor

If incase the applicant is not the one who will shoulder the cost ansd expensed for the study abroad,just like your parents,family members or relative,please refer the following documents:

Guarantor's Certificate of Employment

Guarantor's Income Statement

Financial Guarantor Document

Guarantor's Affidavit Form -Filled-up by the guarantor.

Proof of the relationship 本人と支弁者の関係を証明する書類

Proof of the relationship like: marriage certificate or birth certificate

The affidavit form will be handed-in to you by the staff of Asuto Japanese Language Consultancy Services,Co.
For the other forms that are needed for your application,please contact us.

Guarantor's Driver's License 支弁者の運転免許証のコピー

Guarantor's Driver's License or any government ID.(Photo copy)
Incase,the guarantor does not have a driver's license,any government ID will do like:SSS ID

Please download the checklist of the required documents for the guarantor.Kindly click it.

The above-mentioned documents are the basic required ones,however;in the case wherein there would be an additional required documents from Japan's Bureau of Immigration,Asuto's staff will immediately coordinate with you for the careful guidance.Rest assured that the staff of Asuto will attend to it with the careful guidance.

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