Time and Study Period

There are four(4)times in a year

There are four(4)times in a year:April,July,Oct.and Jan.that an applicant has the chance to enroll for the Japanese language school.

But,Asuto recommends to exlude January and take the other three(3) options for your choices.


There are two reasons why Asuto recommends to exclude January for your option:

  • First

    it is basically the coldest season in a year.
    Filipinos who are not used to a cold climate,an adaptation for the environmental change which would cause you to have cough as well as the worries of your physical condition's deterioration.

  • Second

    when you enrolled on January,it is basically short for the study period which would entail you to study only one(1) year and three(3) months.

    Entrance Ceremony

The Japanese school's graduation ceremony is March.
Also,the Japanese government's issuance of the student -visa,the longest is two(2)years.

Students enrolled in April,you can learn the Japanese language for two(2) years until March,and two(2)years later for substantial additional years of study.

However,in the case of obtaining one(1) year and three(3)months which at first you got for your visa,before it would expire,you do have nine(9) months study period left for visa extension.

But,please be cautious;when the prescribed number of days for your attendance becomes less as to the one required,attitude in the class as well as daily life's attiude is bad,the Japanese government's allowed number of hours for the part-time job has increased,should these situations are noticed,most likely the visa could not be extended.

Entrance Ceremony

The January batch of students who entered nine(9) months later than the April batch of students,the learning period would become three(3) months inorder to graduate in March following the year enrolled,in this case ;no extension of the visa would be the consequence.

This is the reason that Asuto would not encourage you to study January as the entry of your learning period,unless:the students have some level of Japanese learning experience which could be a great edge.

Don't you find it a little difficult to understand when explained through the text.
For the enrollment procedure,study period informations and more details,please contact Asuto.