Toyo Gengo Gakuin and Its Amenities


Zip Code 134-0088
7-6-3 Nishi-Kasai,Edogawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan

Toyo Language School(TLS) is a Japanese Language institution which was established in 1988.The new building was completely built in December,2012.This is located in Nishi-Kasai,Tokyo,Japan.

The school has the following facilities such as:library,student-hall,student-dormitories and restaurants.It offers variety of facilities that would cater the needs of the students.

Student Dorm 5th Building

Living in Japan for the first time which I believe would incur you,anxieties to your daily life.However,as long as Toyo Language school's dormitories exist; would certainly appease you.

The dorm-adviser looks after the welfare of the dormers that would bring-out as home to our students.It provides safe and comfortable living-environment.

It is very convenient,since;it could be reached by commutting either: by bicycle or on foot.

Toyo Language School's educational philosophy adheres to the basic principle:for self-discovery,critical thinking,and for self-expression.

The continuing guidance is of course being provided after graduation.
It surely,gives guidance also for vocational study courses and entry to the universities.In addition to,the school's approach towards your career path shows a great enthusiasm in guiding you.

Don't you want to take advantage of your Japanese language skills for your career path?

JCT's Educational System

Three Principles For Individual's Progress

JCT's Educational System

  • Start with a Goal
  • Self-realization
  • Keep and sustain the good practice

JJM is known as Jikei Japanese Monitoring which is the original Japanese language monitoring system adopted by TLS in which one of the student's Japanese language is delicately assessed and measured inorder to set the proper goal.

Foreign-students who desire for Higher Studies

There are various needs of the foreign-students who desire for their higher studies;thus; to realize their dreams,the school has expanded and opened several classes to address their needs.


Toyo Language School has:

  • Vocational Class
  • College Class
  • Graduate School Class
  • Art College Class

The four elective courses mentioned above are available for your options!



The foreign-students who would like to find their jobs in Japan.

Don't you believe that it is strongly supported by each of the teacher to find one,by coaching them on how to prepare and write their resume,how to appear as a very great potential one to be considered as an applicant.This is amazingly a great relief...!!

Free-Support as Its Second service

Asuto assists the Filipinos who desire to study in Japan while Chikyujin Japan study abroad is an affiliated company which provides free support for the two comprehensive employment guidance and TLS employment support.

School Director's Greetings


Warm greetings,to everyone!!

Japan is a fascinating country which has the cutting-edge in science and technology,yet;has kept its traditions in her own culture with respect to food,clothing,and shelter.

At present,the acceptance of the foreign-students as a national policy has advanced;it is then expected that the entry of the foreigners from then on,will increase tremendously;thus,we as Toyo Language Institute are here to support you for the realization of your dreams.

Toyo Language Institute ,humbly has designed a curricular program to cater the needs of our students in their pursuit for:higher studies and job-hunting .

It is our earnest desire and hope for all our faculty members and staffs that all the partipation and activities that they were involved with could be well utilized to the international community as well as after graduation,their knowledge learned and social skills acquired could be echoed in their work as they journey with their dreams.

I am looking forward to see you around in Toyo Language Institute.


Takashi Tokoyama
Toyo Language School

How to Inquire in Toyo Gengo Gakuin

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feel free to consult with us.

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