Yamate International School is...

The School is situated 30 minutes by train from Tokyo. During the students' free time,they can go to Tokyo for shopping or leisure activity. Famous places like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara which are 50 minutes away from the School.

There are many young teachers, and students get along with them in a bright atmosphere. Compared with Tokyo, Kawagoe houses rental fee is cheaper and there are numerous company nearby the school that hire international students, in that way is easier for students conciliate both study and work.

kawagoe Station

In Kawagoe station (3 minutes walking from YIS)

There are many restaurants nearby as well as a lively shopping malls.


Kita-in (15 minutes walking from YIS)

This is a historic Buddhist Temple built around a thousand years ago. Kawagoe is a tourist spot recommended for its ancient architecture.


The “Toki no Kane”, the “Bell Tower” (less than 20 minutes walking from YIS)

This is the symbol of Kawagoe. Built around 400 years ago, nowadays it is still possible to hear its sound twice a day.


Yamate International School

The teachers have passion.

Yamate former School was established 40 years ago, since then passionate teachers help students in improving their language skills and accompany them along the path that conduces to the realization of their dreams.


Teacher put all their passion in each lesson and students attend them with interest. We care about our students and paying attention to each of them we project high quality lessons that concretely help them to improve their knowledge of the Japanese language.

In case of fail to the comprehension check test, supplementary lessons will be held (for free). During the ordinary lessons students will be trained to the JLPT level N1 and N2 (for free).

We care of our students.


The dormitory is equipped with all the necessary items such as futon, cooking utensils and many others. At the beginning some students can`t speak or understand Japanese.

However, our staff is always ready to help. In case of illness or indisposition, our staff take student to the hospital.

Moreover, student can always ask for help for their study, entrance in university, daily life, apartment, visa and so on. Teachers will do their best for solve their problem.

All students will receive information on public transportation, manner, and garbage recycling. We want to create a relaxing environment where students can study without any trouble.

The guidance toward University is infallible.


As a preparatory school we are confident to help high school students in entering University. After graduation, many high school student succeeded in entering famous university such as Waseda and the University of Tokyo.

There aren`t many YIS graduated student yet, but the number of students who enrolled in private universities, famous public universities and graduate school have been increasing. We give advices on university fee, scholarship and which university is more suitable for each student.

We do our best to make students able to succeed in their dreams.

A familiar atmosphere

At YIS the relationship between teachers and students is very familiar. We want to create a strong long term relationships whether students have graduated or are still studying at school.


We would like to leave a good memory and be a school that concretely helps students in creating their future.

About the dormitory

The School always supports students `daily life. There are dormitories nearby the School. Of course dormitories are equipped of all the indispensable facilities. Students can concentrate study without any trouble. Each dormitory is set in a location close to the station and convenient for shopping.

Male dormitory ・ panoramic of CASA

Male dormitory ・ Inside the room of CASA

Male dormitory ・ panoramic of Sant-Clair

Male dormitory ・ Inside the room of Sant-Clair

Female dormitory ・ panoramic of Park

''Female dormitory ・ Inside the room of Park

Dormitory facilities, air-conditioner, gas cooker kitchen, freezer, washing machine, bunk bed, desk, internet.

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